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RunDNA is a community of running specialists and athletes who share a passion for running. We are committed to state-of-the-art technological developments in motion analysis, running education and tracking

to enhance running training and performance. With our focus on personalized plans, RunDNA works to treat runners as unique individuals to help them run faster and stay healthier. We support runners and the Professionals they trust by providing: 



Learn the essential knowledge and skills to personalize running rehab and training with the Certified Running Gait Analyst and Endurance Running Coach courses.



This one-stop platform for runners, coaches, and clinicians delivers personalized plans for peak performance and tracking of variables to enable customized adjustments.



The Helix 3D offers portable 3D Motion Analysis with built-in algorithms to unlock each runner's unique running form. No special degrees required!


Seventy percent of injuries stem from training load errors. How you train your athletes has a big impact, but designing workouts is less than 20% of what it takes to be a great coach. Learn a scientifically backed coaching  system with an accompanying app to get your runners healthy and fast.


Medical Professionals must look at the whole athlete to get great results. Get certified to analyze gait and use running specific movement assessments so that you can establish yourself as a trusted professional to help runners prevent or rehab from injury. Take your skills to the next level by learning the language and philosophy of run training and help them achieve their best results. 


You need someone who knows and understands running to help you achieve your goals. Find a Running Specialists near you trained in the RunDNA systematic approach to personalizing training programs, incorporating strength and rest, and how to track variables so you can always run at your absolute best.

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Essential Elements of Running

Learn Running Biomechanics, Phases of Running, and The 5 Gait Categories

A word from the CEO

When I first started as a Physical Therapist, I was frustrated that I could not see the types of patients that I was most passionate about: runners! To build out my running practice, I had to find a way to stand out so that runners asked for me by name. It took years of refining my skills and building the tools necessary and it was 100% worth the effort. Today, I own a thriving clinic which has helped thousands of runners throughout the country reach their therapeutic and performance goals.  


I am excited to share everything that I have learned and achieved to help you build a successful platform for your running clients and your running needs!

Doug Adams PT, DPT, SCS, OCS, CSCS 
CEO ACE Running

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Race Track


These courses have given me information that I can apply to my practice starting tomorrow. The RunDNA approach has extremely improved my value as a therapist, so I'm very lucky I found these courses and I highly recommend them.

Brianna Patton, DPT

Purchasing the RunDNA camera system was a complete game-changer for my Precision Running Academy.  I can now provide a state of the art analysis and give precise feedback to my clients. Physicians are referring patients specifically to me for treatments using the system.  RunDNA is far and away the best system I have seen and used. 

John Duncombe DPT,



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