A Clear Pathway

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to Runners

The Complete Training and Treatment System

Certified Running Gait Analyst

Join physical therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers, chiropractors, and coaches around the world who have made the transition from being frustrated to being the first called and most trusted running professional.  

Simplify running and get the knowledge and resources you need to become a hero to runners. 

The RunDNA App

Manage all of your coaching clients and/or patients in one location.

The RunDNA app gives coaches and medical professionals the ability to assign workouts, gait retraining/ rehab plans, strength training programs, and also monitor the progress of your runners as they go.

3D Gait Analysis

The RunDNA 3D Gait Analysis device is a marker-based system to produce accurate and reliable data.  We use 3 cameras at a fixed distance, allowing the computer to always know these calculations, to create a 3D model of a runner. 

The device is portable and easy to use/understand.  You no longer need a PhD to use and understand a 3D gait analysis device.



Stop the frustration of having to use multiple apps and platforms to manage your coaching clients.  Our unique ecosystem will give you all of the tools needed to be able to get the most out of your running clients and turn your coaching business into the money-making machine of your dreams!

Medical Professionals

Jumping into a running niche practice can be overwhelming.  It is hard to know where to start on both the clinician and the business side of things.  Our complete system is designed to give you the clinical skills needed to effectively treat running-related injuries as well as help you build a business around runners.


Our Proven Process

Gain The Knowledge

One of the most important things to us at RunDNA is that our coaches and medical professionals are getting the best and most up to date information.  We have designed our courses so everyone is speaking a common language and working together so that our runners can be confident that they are in the right hands.

Implement the Tools

An area of frustration that we have worked extremely hard to solve is how to implement all of the tools available to get the most out of our runners.  After working with thousands of runners we believe we have come up with a complete ecosystem that will help you deliver results to your running clients.

Grow Your Business

Once you have gained the knowledge necessary to start making impactful changes in a runner's life, you need to start to scale your coaching business or your running niche clinic.  We provide additional business coaching so you can start on the path to building the profitable business you have dreamed of.


Testimonial video headshot.png

Brianna Patton, DPT

I feel like this course has given me information that I can immediately apply to my practice starting tomorrow. And I feel like it has extremely improved my value as a therapist going forward. So I'm very lucky I found this course and I highly recommend it.

John testimonial headshot.png

John Duncombe DPT, OCS, CIMT, CSCS, USATF Level 1

Purchasing the Trace 3D camera system was a complete game-changer for my Precision Running Academy.  I can now provide a state of the art analysis and give precise feedback to my clients. Physicians are referring patients specifically to me for treatments using the system.  Trace 3D is far and away the best system I have seen and used. 

Current Courses

Essential Elements of Running

Confidence and clarity on what we measure and value for running - self paced online course designed for medical professionals, fitness professionals, and endurance professionals

Return to Running

Learn how to create a customized return to run program for all athletes of all abilities. The 4 sections cover; load acceptance, gait retraining, an ACL loading progression, and cases to show how to put it all together.

Certified Running Gait Analyst Level 1- Online

Learn how to confidently analyze and build comprehensive plans for runners.  The course is completely online.

Best Mobility Fixes for Runners

Discover the MOST important mobility deficits that disrupt running mechanics if not addressed.  We identify these impairments and teach you how to address them clinically and reinforce them through a home program.


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