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Become the go-to expert for runners


Why Get Certified?

RunDNA has helped physical therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers, chiropractors and coaches around the world make the transition from being frustrated to being the first called and most trusted Running Professional.

Use our movement-based systematic approach to analyze exactly what each runner needs to promote quality movements and get excellent results. 

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Essential Elements

Of Running

Get the foundational knowledge that they don’t teach in school to start talking about, and understanding the unique needs of runners.


One hour FREE course


Level 1

Certified Running Gait Analyst

Learn what to look for, and how to prioritize what you see in running gait analysis. The Runner Readiness Assessment provides a foundation for understanding the root of a runner’s movement impediments.


Level 2

Certified Running Gait Analyst

Now that you can analyze gait, dive deep into advanced gait retraining concepts, the role of loading and strength, and how to address complicated cases.

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