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Know Your Runner




Injuries and performance all come down to training. Understanding and speaking the language of running will set you apart as a true running specialist and unlock new potential for your clients.



Designing workouts is less than 20% of what it takes to be a great coach. We provide the framework that most coaches are missing and adapt it to all coaching philosophies. This 6 step program is backed by the latest science and designed to truly personalize running plans. 

Why an Endurance Running Coach Certification?

There is a lot more to coaching runners than designing workouts!


Runners can find information anywhere about what types of workouts they could do, but rarely do they have a coach who knows what they should do. This course provides the framework necessary to create personalized plans for each runner and quickly turn you into your community's go-to running specialist.

RunDNA's coaching certification uses a systematic approach to personalize each training plan. Central to the course is a scientifically backed method which quantifies training loads with the use of

Rate of Perceived Exertion and Acute to Chronic Workload Ratios.


No matter whether you train runners, treat runners, or are a runner... personalization is the key to success. 

Meet Your Instructor

Doug Adams PT, DPT, SCS, OCS, CSCS

Doug has spent his entire career focusing on endurance athletes. With his background in Physical Therapy and degree in Exercise Science, Doug has successfully coached athletes from brand new all the way up to Olympic level. He is currently the head Physical Therapist for Tinman Elite professional running team and speaks/publishes internationally on all things running. Doug is adjunct faculty for the 711th Human Performance Wing for the Air Force and is dedicated to improving running performance while reducing injuries. 

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You will learn...


There is a lot of information out there. What runners need is someone to guide them on what THEY need most.


Learn the 6 steps of our systematic approach to create personalized plans so runners can unlock their full potential.

Scientific Approach

Science doesn't have to be complicated.

Learn how exercise physiology determines running performance, and how you can design programs to unlock the three key components of endurance running performance. 

Race Specific Plans

Planning and testing are two critical components that many coaches skip because they aren't sure where to start. 

Learn essential testing for your athletes and how to create plans based on the results. Get specific plans for 5K, Half, and Marathon

Training Load

If the volume of working out done by a runner is so important, why don't we have a better way to quantify it?

We do! Learn about session RPE and Acute to Chronic Workloads to understand the amount of work their athletes are actually doing.

Course Preview

Receive over 8 hours of video materials in the Level 1 Endurance Running Coach course. 


Here is a clip from the Running Science portion of the course. Before we can dive into race specific plans, we must understand the physiological factors that affect performance. 


Understanding the demands of training at this level is a must for any medical practitioner who wants to work with our runners. Collaboration between medical, coaching and other physio support staff is imperative for the success of our athletes and RunDNA gets at the heart of this. 

Joan Hunter, Head Coach Tinman Elite 

The RunDNA systematic approach unpacks the layers of coaching and focuses on maximizing personalization in training. It was immediately applicable as a tool in coaching distance runners and equipped me with more confidence, and most importantly, results for my runners.

Head XC/Track & Field Coach (Wilmington Friends School); USTFCCCA Endurance Specialist; USATF Cross Country Specialist,


For our injury-prone runners, Doug integrates strength and mobility into their daily individual routines. For our runners recovering from surgery or a major injury, Doug does a great job balancing the athlete's strength and mobility needs with a return to running plan.

Marc Hunter, Assistant Coach Tinman Elite 

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RunDNA App

Runners need personalized plans to get long-lasting results. Use the RunDNA app to have all the resources available for you to customize a plan for each runner, manage team workouts, track their stats, and communicate with your athletes. 


You'll get 1 month free of the RunDNA app with the coaching course.


Certified Running Gait Analyst

Interested in adding Gait Analysis and injury prevention to your coaching skills? 


Checkout our Level 1 & 2 Certified Gait Analyst Courses to set yourself apart from other coaches by keeping your runners healthy and fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

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