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Runners, get the help you need from the people you can trust!

Use the locator below to find medical and fitness professionals who understand running and know how to get you quick results. Search by area, or find providers who have gone through advanced training near you:

Helix 3D – These centers are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service utilizing all of the RunDNA education, the Helix 3D device, and the RunDNA app. We partner with professionals dedicated to working with runners of all abilities.

Level 2 Certified Running Gait Analyst- A running specialist trained to handle complex and unique situations. Using Level 1 Skills plus Loading Levels, strength programs, and the 12 Running Categories they can help any runner achieve their goals


Level 1 Certified Running Gait Analyst – A running specialist trained on using the Runner Readiness Assessment and the 5 Running Categories to provide individualized plans that address a runner’s specific needs for mobility, strength, and technique.

Level 1 Endurance Running Coach - A Level 1 Endurance Running Coach is trained in the RunDNA systematic approach to personalized running training.

Don't see your business listed as a Certified Running Gait Analyst or Helix 3D Gait Analysis user? 
No worries! Simply fill out your information here and we will get you listed.

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