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3 Things Runners Thrive On

Runners are the absolute best and we loved hearing their enthusiastic stories of training, rehabbing, and racing during the Chicago Marathon Expo. Three themes really stuck out to us that we wanted to share with anyone interested in celebrating the sport or interested in helping runners succeed.


1. Runners are resilient! Yes, they get injured, but that doesn't stop them. They seek out support & rehab plans to help them continue to train and race. Despite lifelong injuries, I met athletes who were running their 40th marathon. Runners are determined, hungry for the knowledge that will help them stay healthy; they value the opinions of running specialists and coaches.

2. Strength, plyometrics, mobility, and gait analysis are NOT part of every runners rehab or training...but they need to be! This is where Certified Running Gait Analysts and Endurance Running Coaches can really make a difference. The RunDNA Systematic Approach to training and treating runners combines the research and easy-to-implement evidence-based strategies to meet each runner where they're at.

3. Runners want connectedness and community. They want their journeys heard, and to hear others' journeys. If you're a runner wondering if other people want to run with you... they do! Consider looking up & plugging into a running group in your area, check out our find a running specialist locator. If you're thinking about becoming a running specialist and wondering if you can find runners to nerd out with... runners want to hear all about it! RunDNA has a few ways to connect with runners through our app and find a running specialist locator.

If you're a runner interested in getting a personalized plan, take the assessment with our Plan Builder. If you're a running professional interested in learning more about RunDNA's Systematic Approach to getting excellent results with runners, check out our Education Courses!

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