3 Ways to Build a Running Practice

Running professionals aren’t always sure how to build a running practice. I get it, let’s face it, we barely learned the basics of niches in school let alone the business side of building a practice around those niches. But for those of us who have a passion that isn’t the 9-5 clinic work, where we have no control over the types of patients we treat, we need to get savvy in marketing and growth.

Here are 3 Ways to Build a Running Practice:

  1. Go where the runners are. Bring your business card and an informational flyer about gait analysis to local running stores. Join a running group or connect with local coaches and talk about gait analysis.

  2. Be of extreme value to runners. Educate runners about injury prevention, gait analysis, and the benefits of strengthening. Simple handouts about stretches or strengthening exercises to prevent a running injury can be so valuable to runners because it is something tangible they can continue to reference. Consider offering free gait screens to a local running group to get your name out there and begin to show results within your running community.

  3. Get results. Running is complex. Runners need a targeted and customized plan to help them run faster and prevent injury. Here’s where you come in, but you have to know your craft. While there’s a million ways to run wrong, the good news is there’s only a few ways to run right. Consider becoming a Level 1 Certified Running Gait Analyst to gain the skills and credibility runners will value.

These are the strategies that have worked best for me. I'm really passionate about you building a running practice that thrills you, so I'll be sharing more about this over the next few months. If you have any questions, please reply directly to this email. Looking forward to chatting! Have a great week! Doug

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