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Be More Like Ted Lasso

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

It was only a matter of time before we ran a newsletter about Ted Lasso, we just needed to snap out of our Ted Lasso enchantment! The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article “Why Real Coaches Want to be Ted Lasso” and we wanted to bring this discussion to our RunDNA Family of coaches and running professionals.

He dominates the team with a genuine care and infectious optimism. It's difficult not to claim his stake as a role model, a leader even when his athletes are, at first, resistant. When we see the positive results that come from just being nice, who wouldn’t want to be more like Ted Lasso?

3 Ways to be More Like Ted Lasso

1. Ted, a fictional character, learned from the best. Ok, more so the writers did. They researched coaches that emulated the characteristics they wanted to see in Ted. Below are two resources that have been influential in Ted’s character development.

- Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, we particularly like the blog post on “What does constructive criticism mean?”

- Positive Coaching Alliance

2. Our runners get frustrated during competition or when dealing with an injury. Coaches can’t take the same approach with every athlete, and running professionals can’t take the same approach with each patient. Driven from a place of empathy, Ted gets to know his athletes and uses different approaches with each of them. Consider what will motivate runners. Is it praise? Is it educating them? Is it collaborating with them on shared problems versus positioning yourself as the expert? Is it empathy and validating their frustrations?

3. Coaching is management... managing people. Any coach will tell you they often have the inside scope on personal barriers impacting the athlete's performance. And how often does a rehabilitation professional hear more about some of the everyday challenges a patient is going through that impact their recovery. While coaches and running professionals aren’t counselors (and neither are managers), we can be empathetic to the complexities that influence performance. Tyranny is out, empathy is in and sports and winning should be fun! Ted wants to make sure soccer is a positive force in his athletes’ complicated lives. Any coach or running professional can think of their role as safeguarding a positive & and optimistic atmosphere for their runners to thrive or recover.

Let’s let Ted Lasso's eternal optimism rub off on us, because when we think greatness, we inspire greatness.

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