Deep dive into Cardiac Drift and Breathing

Stephen Littlewood joins this post for an expanded look at Cardiac Drift and breathing. Stephen is a retired Marine Intelligence Officer who specializes in ultra endurance athletes and has a great practice in Virginia doing gait analysis and metabolic testing.

This expands on our previous blog post identifying what Cardiac Drift is. Check that out if you aren't familiar with it first, then dive into more detail here.

In this episode you will find:

  • 3:00 For clients using smart devices that show heart rate, when should they monitor for cardiac drift and how will they know if it may be affecting their training

  • 5:03 Cardiac drift impact on interval sessions and importance of recovery

  • 6:57 Cardiac drift is something that we can monitor and train for, and we discuss training methods to limit the negative impact of cardiac drift

  • 9:20 Heat acclimation

  • 10:50 Saunas and why I want my wife to let me get one!

  • 13:00 Non-training things we can do including nutrition, hydration, weight lifting

  • 13:45 Gear selection and why not to use sunscreen when running!

  • 15:12