Expertise is Doing the Basics Well

Updated: Oct 12

For both a runner and running professionals, proper gym equipment can often make or break your run experience. The RunDNA App makes it easy to stay healthy by getting strength and core plans personalized for you through our RunDNA Plan Builder.

A big part of that is doing the "little stuff" off the track. So, having a proper space to dedicate a little time before and after runs is crucial to making the most of the miles you log. Below, we have budgeted out some equipment that can help you stay on top of the little things.


~$500 Budget

~$1,000 Budget (everything above, plus…)

$2,500 Budget (everything above, plus…)

$2,850 Budget (everything above, plus…)

We tell all the runners we work with, whether novice, recreational, or elite, "Expertise is doing the basics well." We hope that this helps you master the basics, so you can continue to enjoy running!

If you're a runner interested in getting a personalized plan, take the assessment with our Plan Builder. If you're a running professional interested in learning more about RunDNA's Systematic Approach to getting excellent results with runners, check out our Education Courses!

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