Foot Contact Debate - the RunDNA Approach

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Scott Greenberg, here, coming in with this weeks newsletter and blog post. I'm always interested in a good academic debate because new information is always coming out. I like staying on top of that and considering if I need to modify my approach. Here's my HOT TAKE on the foot contact debate using the RunDNA approach. The foot contact debate has garnished a lot of attention in the past few years. Recently an article was published in Runner’s World by Dr. Matthew Klien, which stated that it was okay to be a heel striker. Dr. Klein did a good job describing some of the reasons . However, here at RunDNA, we continue to educate that identifying if you are a heel striker or not may be missing a more important question.

Where We Agree

We are in complete agreement with some of the key points that the author described. He did a wonderful job describing the differences between a fore-foot (FF) and rear-foot (RF) strike pattern and even went on to discuss how some don’t feel that a mid-foot strike even exists, a thought that we agree with as well. He even mentioned how most runners are unable to properly identify what type of strike pattern they are using. We see this all the time.

Don’t Be a Brake

Running forms leave a lot to debate among experts and academics, but there are a few consistent agreements we’ve seen in the literature. Regardless of speed, contact should be made as close to the center of mass of the runner as poss