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Here's RunDNA's Top 4 Tips for Summer Running

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Training during the summer can be tricky, but it's a great opportunity to teach your body how to cope in tough conditions. There are a variety of physiological adaptations that occur when training in the heat (including increased blood plasma volume, increased perspiration, decreased blood lactate). The below tips will be essential to share with your running clients as you discuss their summer training schedule.

1) SLOW DOWN! Typically, if temps are above 70-80 degrees, you'll want to adjust your pace by 5-15% percent. If it's warmer than that, you'll want to exercise even more caution. We love focusing on perceived effort versus pace, especially in the summertime. Your fitness won't suffer, and you will find that when temps return to ideal (cooler), your speed will return! 2) Stay hydrated - not just on running days, but all days! Your body will respond better if it's consistently hydrated. Choose a route that allows you access to water or sports drinks - stay close to home, run with a handheld bottle, or drop water along your route. On a particularly warm and/or long run day, you can place frozen water bottles along your route. *Another trick: studies have shown enjoying a popsicle prior to a exercise session helps to reduce your core body temperature! 3) Try to run "the 8s" - before 8am or after 8pm. 4) Dress in lightly colored clothing. Wear a hat or visor if you aren't able to seek shade, or are running during a peak hour or in direct sunlight. Our bodies are brilliant and can handle the demands of summer running when you prepare accordingly. Please also be cognizant of negative symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, headaches, and chills when running in the heat! What tips can you share with us about training in the heat & humidity? Reply directly to this email to share some tips you usually give to your running clients! Happy Running!

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