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Lateral Hip Pain & 3D Device

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Year End Tax Deductions for 3D Device If you have had a great year, or have been thinking about adding 3D to your practice, we wanted to make sure you knew about a potential opportunity to save up to $7,800 by purchasing the RunDNA 3D Motion Capture device. Section 179 of the tax code may allow you to deduct the full price of equipment in the year you purchased it. (Learn more at the official website and be sure to check with your tax advisor)

Inventory is running low for delivery before the end of the year, so please contact us soon if you would like to learn about purchasing the device. You can email or book an appointment and learn more via this link.

Another patient-education download for yah! Remember I said the gold is in the download back in August when I sent you the Lateral Knee Pain Patient-Education Handout? Well here's the Lateral Hip Pain handout for you to add to your bank of ways to add value to your runner's experience. When I was just starting out growing my business, I created a series of runner education handouts that focus on common injuries & corrective exercises to share with runners in my community. I went to local running events, cross country practices, and area running stores to share these handouts with my business card attached. Runners loved them and not only did they then come to see me, but they shared the handout with their fellow runners. The power of paper certainly is a great marketing tool!

All of our Running Injury Series handouts will be available to Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Running Gait Analyst enrollees, but we’re sharing a few to be helpful!

Whether you are interested in treating lateral hip pain with the runners you work with or interested in bolstering your running practice, check out the handout. Oh, and be sure to attach your business cards to the handouts when you share them around your running community!

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