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Lateral Knee Injury

Quick note here as the gold is in the download! One way I have built a practice around working with runners is by being extremely helpful to runners. I created a series of runner educational handouts that focuses on common injuries & corrective exercises to share with runners in my community. I went to local running events, cross country practices, and area running stores and shared these handouts with my business card attached. Runners loved them and not only did they then come to see me, but they shared the handout with their fellow runners. The power of paper certainly is a great marketing tool!

All of our Running Injury Series handouts will be available to Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Running Gait Analyst enrollees, but we’re sharing a few via email to be helpful!

Download the Lateral Knee Pain Handout Here!

Whether you are interested in treating lateral knee pain with the runners you work with or interested in bolstering your running practice, check out the handout. Oh, and be sure to attach your business cards to the handouts when you share them around your running community! Have a great week! Doug

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