No pain, lots of gain

Runners love a good excuse not to run, so they secretly want you to tell them that they shouldn't run because they are having pain (Except not, they hate not being able to run and will likely not return to you if all you do is tell them not to run!)

So...if you want to work with runners getting their pain down is essential so that they can keep running without making things worse. Getting back to health ( and rid of pain) requires a comprehensive approach, but there are times that you just need to get an angry tissue calmed down so that you can continue with your other skills/knowledge. For me, laser has been a great way to get rid of pain so we can do the strengthening, gait retraining, and other things that will keep the pain away.

I recorded a lecture with LightForce lasers for the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy that you can see how I use laser in my practice and how to appropriately dose laser for different conditions.

Happy to share my own experiences for anyone interested in laser, I know I talked to a lot of trusted colleagues before I bought mine. Just email me if you have questions! (Just FYI, no affiliations with this company or financial disclosures)

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