Runner Readiness Assessment - Updated!

Updated: Nov 7

The Runner Readiness Assessment is a key component of the RunDNA Systematic Approach introduced in Level 1 Certified Running Gait Analyst course and it is getting an UPGRADE!


As you know, the Runner Readiness Assessment is how Running Specialists meet their athletes where they're at when providing treatment and training plans. The RRA is crucial to reducing injury and optimizing running form. After a few years of using the Runner Readiness Assessment with recreational and elite athletes, we are giving it an update to stay current with the evidence, keep runners engaged with their plans, and make it compatible with our RunDNA app.

Key topics explored in the on-demand webinar:

  • How to progress workouts

  • Corrective exercise programs for each of the Runner Readiness Assessment results

  • 45 new programs added to help runners stay engaged and progressing


If you're a runner interested in getting a personalized plan, take the assessment with our Plan Builder. If you're a running professional interested in learning more about RunDNA's Systematic Approach to getting excellent results with runners, check out our Education Courses!

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