Take Your Drills to the Hills

Updated: Jan 17

Do hills need to be incorporated into all training plans? Take Your Drills to the Hills: A great way to get runners to incorporate knee drive into their running form is to run hill repeats.

PROTIP: During base training, when your runners are running a lot of slower miles, end their runs at a steeper hill. At the end of the run, direct them to do a 50 meter hill repeat x 4-6 reps with a full recovery in between. Coach your runners to really focus on driving their knees straight forward, as if they were doing the wall drill. Cue them to lean into the hill from their ankles, not their hips.

For runners who come up to a hill during a training run or a race, coach them to stay relaxed and focus on the knee drive, which will help them save energy while running up the hill more efficiently.

During hill repeat workouts, tell runners to maintain the effort for about 20 meters into the flat at the top of the hill. This will help give them confidence during a race that they can finish out the hill and take off at the top!

I love to share the strategies that have worked best for me. I'm passionate about you building a running practice that thrills you, so I'd love to have you join us in February for our Skills Lab and Business Development Weekend. (Take Your Drills to the Hills published in conjunction with Dr. Brianne Scott of Omega Project Physical Therapy)

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