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The Absence of Pain is Not Health

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Everyone would agree that the absence of pain is not health, so why do medical professionals stop seeing patients once the pain is gone?


Athletic patients often come to treatment with performance related goals, such as "I want to run in a 5K by May 1st" but are discharged once the pain is gone. After getting excellent results with my runners, they didn't want to stop seeing me. I realized runners and athletes who run continue to want customized help from a professional they trust, so I applied the same RunDNA systematic approach principles to coaching and as a result, I've successfully coached recreational to Olympic athletes. I want to help you position yourself as your runners' go-to person for rehab AND training to help them achieve the performance goals they walked into your clinic with. When you do, you'll create new revenue sources, work with more of the patients you enjoy while helping your patients get excellent results!


Here's what you need to know to continue to work with runners after they can get back to running: 1. Scientific applications for endurance running 2. Individualized plans & determining key workouts to meet athletes' individual goals 3. Strategies to track a runner's performance and modify the training plan We discuss all of these strategies and more in the Level 1 Endurance Running Coach Course. Check out this sneak peek of "Running Economy:"


If you're a runner interested in getting a personalized plan, take the assessment with our Plan Builder. If you're a running professional interested in learning more about RunDNA's Systematic Approach to getting excellent results with runners, check out our Education Courses!

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