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Why 3D is more attainable for your practice than you think

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

3D gait analysis is more attainable for your practice than you might think. The RunDNA system (education, 3D Motion Capture, and the app) simplifies the complexities of running and makes it easier to get excellent results with your runners.

When I first dreamt of having a private practice filled exclusively with runners, I felt really overwhelmed when thinking about the steps to achieve this.

My thought process was:

Step 1: Get a PhD (*ok now I’m credentialed, but very broke)

Step 2: Buy an expensive 3D Motion Capture System (*credentialed, broke me can’t afford this) that would help me get accurate data and help me stand out from my competitors

I sat with this problem for a little while, until I decided to try a different approach. I devoured all the research from the big name running PhDs and got tons of reps in with the runners I was working with. From this work, I developed the RunDNA systematic approach and an algorithm for gait analysis with a Motion Capture Device. I had fun... a lot of fun! Then I knew I needed to make this system affordable for other professionals who have a passion for working with runners.

Ok, so now we know you (and I) don’t need a PhD!

On to Step 3: Affording 3D gait analysis.

The reality is that doing a gait analysis for a runner is just the start of the relationship with that runner.

1 gait analysis, which our Certified Running Gait Analysts charge around $349 for, starts the beginning of a lifetime customer. They come to you to get healthy and will stick with you for injury prevention, coaching, and training instruction. Our 3D Motion Capture Device users do 15-20 gait analysis a month and that cash flow begins to add up quickly, especially considering the lifetime value of each runner!

The most important thing is to get started, now! I started my gait analysis business from my basement, and I know other Certified Running Gait Analysts who started in their garages. We’re here to cheer you on and give you the "business in a box” resources to start your side-hustle and grow beyond.

To learn about the device, you can email or learn more via this link.

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