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Why Gait Analysis & Gait Retraining Are So Important

Updated: Jan 13

We want to share an article that shows the data behind the results we see at RunDNA doing gait analysis and gait retraining. Below are our 3 take aways from the research article. Just want to read the article? Here it is.



1. Rarely do we get excited over tables in an article, but Table 2 really did the trick. Table 2 presents studies that look at different gait retraining strategies and the correlated results. Some of the articles referenced even talk about specific cues for specific injuries. The cues address step-rate, hip adduction, tibial acceleration, ground reaction forces, foot strike pattern, and trunk lean. While we've found a lot of other cues that work, too (which are taught in the Level 2 Course), it's great to see researchers looking at how to personalize gait retraining cues because every runner responds differently!

2. EXTERNAL FEEDBACK!! Using 3D can help you find what to prioritize in rehab. As Founder/CEO Doug Adams continued to use 3D, he saw a whole other level of benefit by providing external cues when combined with live biofeedback. A consistent finding in the studies reviewed in the article was the benefit of a graded feedback program. All clinicians can strive to provide more structure around providing feedback.

3. Gait retraining is a piece of the puzzle! As much as we love running analysis, it would be remiss to ignore the fact that we must look at runners as a whole person. Movement patterns outside of running are meaningful and significant. That is why we use the Runner Readiness Assessment from Level 1 and the Jumping Levels in Level 2 to assess where runners are and as a guide in prescribing a path to achieve more efficient, injury-free running.


If you want to apply the latest evidence-based approaches to your athletes… we can help! The Helix 3D helps you to personalize the gait retraining strategy you need for runners and immediately provides external feedback so that the results last. Contact to schedule a demo and learn about Section 179 tax benefits.

If you're a runner interested in getting a personalized plan, take the assessment with our Plan Builder. If you're a running professional interested in learning more about RunDNA's Systematic Approach to getting excellent results with runners, check out our Education Courses!

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