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Winback & RunDNA: A seamless integration

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

I hope you're having a great week so far. We know that running is a Risk-Reward relationship, and that, unfortunately, over 80% of runners get injured every year. How can we as clinical professionals confront these injuries and help athletes get back to running?

ICYMI, last week we collaborated with Winback to discuss Runners' Injury Prevention and Training Optimization using the RunDNA systematic approach and TECAR Therapy.

To skip right to the replay, here you go! Enter the password *P4@4SVj

It was a great overview of the RunDNA system. We highlighted the 5 main gait categories, broke down the Running Readiness Assessment (RRA), and of course chatted about how our RunDNA app is a one-stop-shop for helping your athletes stay on track in their recovery and keep them performing at the highest level.

In the webinar, we discussed the goal of achieving fast, effective, and efficient results. The solution? We need to have a holistic, individualized, movement-based approach to treatment. Running is a whole body activity, so we need to look at the whole runner in addressing ailments.

I've found the integration of TECAR therapy into my clinical practice has been seamless and powerful. TECAR doesn't detract from treatment sessions, and delivers immediate results (you'll see a compelling before/after example of how TECAR reduced achilles inflammation with one of my National-level running patients).

If you want to learn more about Winback, visit their website HERE, and check out the benefits of this incredible non-invasive technology and what it can do for your practice! Have a great day! Doug

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