The RunDNA App
One app for all of your runner's needs
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Runner Dashboard

This dashboard will allow your runners to have easy access to all of their information.  Upcoming events, assigned training plans, and past completed workouts will all be visible here.


Your runner will now have access to their complete 3D gait analysis report and their Running Readiness Assessment.  Utilizing this data will help personalize and prioritize your runner's training plan.

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Gait Retraining

Assign premade gait retraining programs or design your own.  Your runner will have access to the exact exercises they need to improve their running form.

Strength Training

Use premade strength training plans or custom build plans to personalize programs for your runners.  Utilize 100s of exercises from our exercise library.

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Coaches only pay for the active runners on their account and pricing includes ALL Features! Whether you have 1 runner or 100, the app offers a cost-effective way to deliver plans to your athletes:

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Sync your wearable data with Garmin or Strava for fast and easy workout uploads

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