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What You Can Do With The RunDNA App?

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Dynamic Training Programs

Access our library of programs or create your own. These plans can be individualized and utilize dynamic workout technology to let athletes adjust their training 

Analyze Athlete's Needs

Each athlete can be assessed to provide specific programs to meet their needs. Each athlete is unique, we can show you how

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Measure Training Loads

60% of injuries are due to training load errors. Learn a simple approach based on science to track your workouts and gain the insight you need to maximize performance and minimize injuries

Strength Training

Get access to exercises, workouts, and programs designed by the top professionals in the industry. Get strength and cardio workouts in one place

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Sync your wearable data with Garmin or Strava for fast and easy workout uploads

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Who Benefits From The App?

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Monitor your own training at your own speed with the app's science-backed programs. Get expert video instructions and access to our library with 1000's of exercises, workouts, and programs

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Get access to our scientific based assessments to give your athletes what they need. Easily assign them programs from our library or create your own. Then, keep track of your runners' progress and know when to slow down or train harder.

I am thrilled that I was introduced to the RunDNA platform. As both an athlete and a coach, I can confidently say it has helped me level up in my running journey. RunDNA makes it easy for both athlete and coach to seamlessly understand and make the most of their run training. 

Drew Hunter, Tinman Elite

2x National Champion

Former USA High School Mile Record Holder


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Coaches only pay for the active runners on their account and pricing includes ALL Features! Whether you have 1 runner or 100, the app offers a cost-effective way to deliver plans to your athletes.

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**Please contact 
for a custom quote if over 500 athletes

*App is FREE if your coach signs you up


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