RunDNA Live
Skills Lab

UNC Chapel Hill
7/14 - 7/15

Practice the RunDNA Systematic Approach in person
with guidance from our lead instructors to quickly and efficiently evaluate runners and athletes who run.

Refine the quick screening tools to know what to prioritize, where to start, and how to communicate the plan to your athletes, coaches, and medical team.

This event is open to anyone with a Level 1 Certification or higher.

Skills Lab Overview

Skills Lab

Practice the skills you learned from our Certified Running Gait Analyst (CRGA) courses with Doug and Scott in a group setting. 


Watch multiple gait analyses from various runners and receive direct feedback about your treatment.


Case Practice & Presentation

 Practice gait analysis and retraining in groups of 3. 


Provide a recap of your findings, how you retrained gait and prioritized treatment.

Learn the Strategies

Practice the RunDNA Systematic Approach to create personalized plans that incorporate drills, strengthening, gait retraining, and running workouts. 


Discuss how to communicate these strategies with the athlete, coach, and medical team.

Sample Agenda*

Day 1

9 AM - 3:30 PM

  • Group breakfast

  • Rapid practice session: runner readiness assessment, 2D analysis, 3D analysis, and loading levels.

  • Group lunch

  • Case practice: analyze & retrain each other's gait in groups of 3


Day 2

 9 AM - 12 PM

  • Group breakfast

  • Case practice presentations with instructor feedback & discussion 

  • Complex Cases Review

  • Instructor Group Q&A

* Agenda subject to change pending final number of participants

RunDNA's Level 1 Certified Running Gait Analyst and
Skills Lab Package


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