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Get Runners To Ask For You By Name

RunDNA has helped physical therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers, chiropractors and coaches around the world make the transition from being frustrated to being the first called and most trusted Running Professional by using our systematic approach.


Quit chasing pain.  Use our movement-based system to analyze exactly what each runner needs to promote quality movements and get excellent results. 


Certified Running Gait Analysts use the Runner Readiness Assessment, Gait Categories, Loading Levels, and training programs to customize treatment & training programs. 


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Essential Elements

Of Running

Confidence and clarity on what we measure and value for running - Self paced online course designed for medical professionals, fitness professionals, and endurance professionals.


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Level 1

Certified Running Gait Analyst

A simplified way to get excellent results with your runners.  When you take this course, you'll become confident in analyzing and classifying runners' gait and prescribing corrective exercises and gait retraining plans.


Level 2

Certified Running Gait Analyst

Level 2 dives deep into the knowledge and skills you need.  In Level 1, we simplified running gait analysis. In Level 2,  we give you assessments and programs to provide your runners with a customized plan that addresses the complexities of running. 

*Next enrollment June 2021*

Supplemental Courses

BEST Mobility Fixes For Runners

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