Easy to use and portable without sacrificing accuracy and reliability.

3D Gait Analysis System


Gold Standard Technology

We have perfected our marker-based system over thousands of runners, from the weekend warrior to the Olympic level athlete. Our system uses 3 cameras and numerous calculated data points to create a 3D image of the runner in motion.


No longer will you need a large space dedicated to a gait lab.  Our system is designed with small private practices in mind.  If you have space for a treadmill you will have enough room to use our 3D system.


Easy to use and understand

We understand that thinking using 3D technology can be overwhelming and sometimes intimidating.  That is why we created a system that literally anyone can use and understand with just a small amount of training. 

What good is all this information if runners can't apply the information to their daily training? Our system breaks down complex information into something every runner can understand.  Reports and gait retraining programs are built into the system.

Become an Official Testing Site

The proven process that has helped medical professionals and running coaches build their business is now available to you!

  • Learn how we were able to build a profitable running niche practice using our 3D technology.

  • Become a hero to runners in your local running community.

Access to 3D Technology

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John Duncombe DPT, OCS, CIMT, CSCS, USATF Level 1

Purchasing the RunDNA 3D camera system was a complete game changer for my Precision Running Academy.  I can now provide a state of the art analysis and give precise feedback to my clients. Physicians are referring patients specifically to me for treatments using the system.  RunDNA is far and away the best system I have seen and used. 

Getting Started


The Hardware

  • Laptop

  • 3 Motion Capture Cameras 

  • Mounting Tripod

  • Carrying Case

  • Reflective Markers

  • Marker Straps

  • Marker Stickers

  • Warranty*

The Software

  • User Friendly

  • Lifetime Updates

  • 3D Running Analysis

  • Available 3D Biking

  • Customizable reports
    (Ready in seconds)

  • 50+ Data Points

  • Live Biofeedback