The Education

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Gold Standard Technology

Our RunDNA 3D Gait Analysis System is a marker-based system to produce accurate and reliable data.  We use 3 cameras at a fixed distance, allowing the computer to always know these calculations and create a 3D model of a runner. 


No longer will you need a large space dedicated to a large gait lab.  Our system is designed with small private practices in mind.  If you have space for a treadmill you will have enough room to use our 3D system.

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Easy to use and understand

We understand that thinking using 3D technology can be overwhelming and sometimes intimidating.  That is why we created a system that literally anyone can use and understand with just a small amount of training. 

What good is all this information if runners can't apply the information to their daily training? Our system breaks down complex information into something every runner can understand.  Reports and gait retraining programs are built into the system.